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New Inspiring music from leading composer, songwriter and music arranger, Lois T. Joseph. To try to cater for popular demand Lois Joseph and the ICM singers have recorded a new album together with a range of videos and pictures.

The strong faith of this remarkable christian has led to truly inspirational songs that have naturally descended to our world to uplift us. "The Lord works in many mysterious ways" and it is also true that he works through the faith of the faithful. We join Lois in her calling. We join Lois in her devotion to bringing the Gospel to all.

It may be that many see the works of the Lord as old fashioned or no longer relevant. The ICM singers bring a freshness and new strength that is subtely different. The ICM singers re-interperet and re – vitalise with rhythm and harmonies to bring each one of us to look again. The ICM singers and Lois Joseph bring us to look once more, to re – examine our spirituality and maybe to once again discover our God.



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