Gospel Music & African Gospel Music

Gospel music is a style of music used to express, personal, communal and spiritual belief in the Christian faith and embracing of the Christian life. It is very popular with the more devout Christians as it a nice pure alternative to mainstream commercial music which can often carry messages or promote a lifestyle not in alignment with the Christian way of life.

Gospel music has many forms but JodalMusic focuses on African Gospel Music and specifically Nigerian Gospel Music. The heart of Jodal Music is based in Nigeria, West Africa, meaning that more than most JodalMusic is right where the soul of Nigerian Gospel music which of course is an excellent reflection of African Gospel music.

As with much religious orientated music, Gospel music can differ from country to country, culture to culture, in many cases even the understanding and definition of Gospel Music will differ.
This is where the terms African Gospel Music and Nigerian Gospel Music fit in, they create and identify specific subsets of the Gospel Music gene. Even within Africa there are many different interpretation s of Gospel Music and African Gospel Music.

At the heart of African Gospel Music and Gospel Music in general is the wish to express and vocalise the love and praise for god.

What sets Gospel Music apart is the is that it is typically composed and performed for many different reasons, some of which include but not limited to, pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, it is also performed for entertainment and inspiration of others. Though almost always, the most common theme of most gospel music is generally praising, worshiping while thanking God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit.

African Gospel Music and Gospel Music in general can be identified and characterized by powerful and dominant vocals, most commonly accompanied with the use of harmonisation.
As mentioned above one of the most defining characteristics of African Gospel Music and Gospel Music in general is the reference to religion, predominantly Christian.

However there are many variations within the gene and many subgenres, such as

· African Gospel Music

· Contemporary Gospel Music

· Urban Contemporary Gospel Music
(sometimes referred to as "black gospel")

· Southern Gospel
(Origins in the US, often referred to as “Quartet Music”)

· Modern Gospel Music
(More commonly known as praise, worship or contemporary Christian music)

Many genes of Gospel Music will utilise instruments such as, organs, pianos, drums, sometimes guitars such as the bass guitar as well as a choir. Today there is a growing use of the electric guitar.,

Many people have tried to describe the Gospel Music style of late 19th and early 20th century

· Gospel Music songs in general, Christ-Janer, et al. said "the music was tuneful and easy to grasp , rudimentary harmonies, use of the chorus, varied metric schemes , motor rhythms were characteristic. The device of letting the lower parts echo, rhythmically a motive announced by the sopranos became a mannerism.

· Millar Patrick and Sydnor emphasize the notion that gospel music is "sentimental", quoting Sankey as saying, "Before I sing I must feel", and they call attention to the comparison of the original version of Rowley’s "I Will Sing the Wondrous Story" with Sankey's version. (Revised by James Rawlings Sydnor). The Story of the Church's Song. Richmond, VA: John Knox Press, 1962, pp. 171-172)

· Charles.E.Gold said, "Essentially the gospel songs are songs of testimony, persuasion, religious exhortation, or warning. Usually the chorus or refrain technique is found."

The only way to truly understand the pleasure and grace of Gospel Music especially, African Gospel Music is to experience it, to hear it, and to hear the sounds and feel the passion of those delivering the harmonious vocals backed with the exuberant playing of instruments.

To hear the ICM Singers perform, please click the link below.
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