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Jodal On Gospel Tube

I've established a channel on another excellent website for allowing the work of the ICM Singers to be seen and heard.
Let me know your thoughts, look forward to seeing you there/

Jodal on Flickr

More great news, I've established a presence on Flickr now, another excellent way to share my media. Come over and have a look


Some of my pictures are broken into sets for ease of viewing

Jodal on Facebook

Jodal Music is currently expanding its Facebook activity and the information available there.

Please drop by and let me know what you think of the ICM Singers.
I look forward to your thoughts

Skype Integration

Skype integration has been added to my site under the contact section.

Feel free to contact me if I'm online.

A Happy New Year To All

I hope everyone has had an excellent Christmas period and is having a wonderful start to 2011.

May it be a blessed year for all.


Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign is in full effect, details to follow

Jodal on YouTube

Come and see the ICM Singers in all their glory on YouTube

Jodal on MySpace

The development of my MySpace account is coming along well.
You are now able to stream audio and video of the ICM Singers
Please take a look and leave feedback.

Jodal on Twitter

Follow me on Twitter, either direct via
or via the news feed on this site

Jodal Joins GodTube

Jodal Music is establishing a presence on GodTube

Listen to The ICM Singers On-l

You can listen to the ICM Singers music direct from Jodal Music and from MySpace.



Hope you enjoy what you hear

The journey begins

After many years of being active in the gospel music scene I have decided it's time for the world to hear the grace and glory of the ICM Singers. With this thought at the centre of my dream I have launched Jodalmusic.com I hope you enjoy the music and the message as much as I and the ICM Singers do.
Best regards

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